How safe are your documents with Aadhaar linked GUJ.OOO?

With the view to enable each and every netizen of Gujarat become digitally empowered, GUJ.OOO strives to provide a unique Digital Identity to them. In addition to a FREE website builder so that you can build your personal website from scratch, and a free email account, we also bring to you the concept of Online Digital Storage. This 10GB FREE Online Storage will allow you to never again worry about carrying all your important documents, like your marriage certificate, birth certificate, degree certificate, your marksheets, and what not, everywhere you go. You can now store all that paperwork of your in digital format in your own Digital Locker.

And while security could be one of the major concerns that you mighht have, you can rest assured that your Aadhaar-linked GUJ.OOO account is one of the most secure places for you to store all your important documents.

The main reason for this is that, in its essence, a Digital Locker has been designed on the lines of how an actual physical locker works in real life. So just like you are the sole key-holder of your physical bank locker, in this case you will be the one who gets to be the password-holder of this locker. So only you will get to decide who does and who doesn’t get an access to your e document storage.

Finally, we will also require you to submit your Aadhaar number as well as the mobile number registered with your Aadhaar to ensure the credibility of your account. While currently, we would only require for you to give us a valid Gujarat based mobile number to create your digital identity, we would strongly recommend to provide us with your Aadhaar details as soon as possible.

Hence, there is no question of how secure your documents will be in your Online Digital Storage, because at GUJ, we take every possible precaution to ensure just that.


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