Things you should know about Gujarat’s First Digital locker GUJ.OOO

GUJ.OOO is India’s first-of-it’s-kind platform to offer the services of a digital locker, along with providing unique digital identity to each and every citizen of Gujarat.


Following an easy two-step process, you are just required to send an SMS to 9227008959 with <your name>, and then receive your personal URL, a temporary password and a FREE Email Address to your registered mobile number.

Along with this, you will also be provided with a 10GB worth of FREE online storage. Tis cloud storage can be used by you to save any 830128077595f_10gb.png.999xxdocuments that you would like, including important documents such as your marriage certificate, birth certificate, degree certificate, and each of those endless certificates, mark sheets, and what not.

In the process of making our society more digitally empowered, GUJ is striving to reduce the use of paper to a bare minimum in the near future. This is also in view of moving towards being more ecologically aware than before.

Plus, not having to carry a load of documents at all places, at all times, and then being extra careful to not lose them, is a benefit you can’t ignore! You can now upload and download your documents from anywhere and anytime, even using your mobile phone.d24cb6a191588_benefit06.png.999xx

The other aspect of this plan is to ensure the confidentiality and security of all your documents, which has been ensured through encryption of the highest level. With 256-bit encryption and using the HTTPS protocol, you can rest assured that all your proceedings with this e document locker will be taking place over a safe network.


Aadhaar Linked Digital Locker GUJ.OOO. How to Sign-up, Use and Store Documents

GUJ.OOO is a platform, designed to empower each and every netizen of Gujarat with their unique Digital Identity. And in the process of achieving this objective, we are also working towards bringing the concept of Digital Locker to the fore.

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In a simple two-step process, all you are required to do is, SMS <your name> to 9227008959. Next, you will receive an SMS from our side, with your personal URL, a temporary password and an Email Identity to your registered mobile number. While currently, you only require a valid Gujarat based mobile number to create your digital identity, we would strongly recommend an Aadhar card and the mobile number registered with your Aadhaar to successfully verify yourself once your account is created.

Concept of Digital Locker

With the registration process complete, you will have an access to a secure storage space of up to 10GB, enabling you to store umpteen digital documents, for FREE.

While environment has played a big role in shaping this concept, one of the major reasons has been the predicament of carrying a file with all the important documents all the time, at almost all the places. To be done away with this trouble, Digital Locker gives you reason to not worry about your marriage certificate, birth certificate, degree certificate, and each of those endless certificates at all. Whether it’s difficulty of carrying all this paperwork, or the fear of losing even a single important sheet, with GUJ you can rest assured.

Online Document Storage


This being an Online Digital Storage, you can upload and then access your documents anywhere and anytime you like. You being the only password-holder of this locker, the access to your documents will be decided by none other than you. This ensures the security of your Locker.

Coming up with this new-age idea to provide its members with an exclusive cloud storage, GUJ has been keeping up with the Government initiative to have our society become more and digitally empowered, and simultaneously move towards a more paperless future.